We are proud to now offer the following high quality soundcards, recommended for use with Liberty Instruments' PRAXIS:


note: these cards may not be available from all of our dealers -- if not, please contact your local M-Audio,  ESI, or AUDIOTRAK dealer.

The M-Audio Transit
24bit wordlength, 48kHz sampling (or at 96kHz in half-duplex, with current drivers),  
best USB-connected record/playback soundcard for portable or lab use


PRAXIS setup information for the M-Audio TRANSIT  

  • Very Compact (2-1/4 X 3-5/8 X 1).  Great match to the PRAXIS AudPod for desktop or notebook based measurement systems.  Great for taking PRAXIS on the road.
  • High Quality Stereo Record/Playl USB 1.1 connected soundcard.
  • High quality 24bit 96kHz AD converter; 100dB (typical, -60dB input, A-weighted). PRAXIS use to 48kHz
  • High quality 24bit 96kHz DA converter; 104dB (typical, -60dB input, A-weighted). PRAXIS use to 48kHz
  • Full Duplex operation at 48kHz sample rates and below.
  • Mini-phone line level  input/output connectors.  Use short audio cables to avoid  ground noise pickup.
  • USB Bus Powered, no wall-wart supplies needed
  • Uses 32bit PCI slot: PCI Bus-Mastering support
  • OS:Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE
  • For more Info: see M-Audio Web Site
  • US$ 98.00 plus shipping, includes special short audio cables for low noise connection to the PRAXIS AudPod

The ESI Juli@
True 192kHz sampling, 24bit wordlength record/playback PCI soundcard  
Our new favorite PCI soundcard:  No-compromise high end performance at a consumer soundcard price!



  • High quality 24bit 192kHz AD converter; 114dB Dynamic range
  • High quality 24bit 192kHz DA converter; 112dB Dynamic range
  • Simple, solid, stable, straightforward
  • Really attractive, well designed, well constructed card
  • Analog 2 in / 2 out (ideal for PRAXIS). With digital IO also.
  • Input/Output connections can be configured as single ended (for easy connection to PRAXIS) or balanced (for longer cabled recording applications).
  • Supports all PRAXIS Sampling Rates 
  • MIDI port for music production
  • Supports the EWDM driver:
    Multile MME, Multiple Direct sound,
    ASIO 2.0 and GigaStudio support
    OS:Microsoft Windows XP/2000
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT 192kHz sampling is supported only by Windows XP SP1 and above! (operating system limitation)
  • For more Info: see ESI PRO Webpage
  • US$ 150.00 plus shipping