LabJack U12

USB-connected hardware interface device

PRAXIS version 2 includes internal script programming support for the LabJack U12 device.  This allows you to control up to 20 digital input/output lines, 8 analog inputs, and 2 analog output voltages -- from a PRAXIS script!  Use it to control relays, motors, bias voltages, detect conveyors, etc.

The LabJack connects to your computer using a USB interface (just like the AudPod does), and is compact and rugged -- so it can be easily transported or swapped between systems.  Installation is easy, operation is reliable.  Digital connections can be made via a 25-pin D-Connector (for quick connect/disconnect).  Analog connections are available via a multitude of screw terminals.

LabJack requires no power supply -- it is powered from the USB bus.  Even better, LabJack provides you with a 5V supply source (from your computer)  for powering small devices and adaptor circuitry.  How easy can it get?

Liberty Instruments  can supply the LabJack U12 for $119 each (plus shipping/handling).