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Some General Technical Articles about Audio Measurements

PRAXIS is the next generation audio analysis and loudspeaker measurement tool from Liberty Instruments. 

PRAXIS performs convenient, sophisticated, and high quality audio measurements of loudspeakers, electronics, vibrating systems and rooms.  PRAXIS utilizes higher quality Windows based digital soundcard hardware for versatility, compatibility and portability.

PRAXIS can be used free of charge (in its "free" mode)  for viewing and processing audio data files, for performing basic audio measurements, or for exploring the features of the PRAXIS system.

The PRAXIS AudPod is a  compact, portable audio interface and license key which enables the entire  feature set and capabilities of PRAXIS for professional use. Because PRAXIS with the AudPod can calibrate for accurate measurements using PC Audio hardware, you can easily transfer the measuring system between computers without removing covers or uninstalling cards. Take it with your laptop when you're on the road. Connect it to lab or desk machines when you get back. Use the performance of better soundcards when higher sample rates (up to 192kHz) or 24bit measurements are needed.  

PRAXIS provides unmatched flexibility with its script support and included Script Designer.