Liberty Instruments'


Audio Measurement System

Sophisticated and powerful, PRAXIS provides full-featured, customizable measurements of loudspeakers, transducers, electronics, room acoustics, and vibrating systems.

Compatible with laptops and PCs and a wide variety of soundcards with sample rates to 192kHz and resolution to 24 bits, running under 32 bit Windows operating systems.

Easy to use, PRAXIS displays the tools which are appropriate for a particular measurement. The system offers depth and power when you need them, but its complex processes do not block your way.

Exceptionally versatile, with a wide selection of stimulus and acquisition types, PRAXIS measurement system's data graphing and formatting capabilities are unequalled. You can generate unlimited overlaid plots, and use custom backgrounds, markers with search and tracking functions, fully adjustable scaling and grid settings, and weighting functions. You can modify or transform your measured data via a set of powerful postprocessing operations for in-depth analysis or interpretation.


Intelligent and programmable, PRAXIS provides for automation. A PRAXIS Script is a complete application with graphical user interface capable of operating the PRAXIS measurement system's main features as well as other general computer operations. Included with PRAXIS is the Liberty Script Designer, a visual RAD development tool patterned after Borland's Delphi system, which streamlines development of custom PRAXIS Scripts.

With its AudPod device, PRAXIS calibrates around your soundcard hardware, providing results in terms of physical units such as Volts, SPL, or Pascals. The AudPod device provides access to all the features of the PRAXIS software.

You can download free PRAXIS software from our website at Or, phone or fax us and we will be happy to send you a CDROM by mail.   With the free PRAXIS software, you can view, format and print PRAXIS-obtained data.  Also, in Free Mode PRAXIS  provides several useful, functional measurement features, including Thiele/Small parameter measurement and RTA monitoring of audio signals.  And, of course, Free Mode also allows you to explore other features of PRAXIS which can be unlocked by the AudPod