Soundcard Calibration Case History:


In Windows2000:

Driver:  Digital Audio Labs files "crddlx.dll" and "crddlx.sys", versions 4.05.1031

Driver Date: none

WAVE_EXT setting?  No.


This device is relatively easy to calibrate and gives very good performance to 24bit and 96kHz.  The WAVE_EXT setting need not be used for 24bit operation.

1).  The soundcard uses  4 balanced 1/4" phone plugs, one for each of its analog record and play channels.  But the AudPod connects via 2 stereo mini-phone jacks.

Fix: a custom cable adaptor must be configured. Use a stereo mini-phone plug cable to connect to each of the AudPod's "To Sound Line In" and "From Sound Line Out" connectors.  Split the two channels from each of those two cables to connect to two stereo 1/4" phone plugs:  attach the shield ground connection to the "sleeve" connection of both 1/4" plugs, and the "hot" connection from each channel to a "tip" connection of the corresponding 1/4" plug.  The "ring" connections of the 1/4" plugs should be left unconnected.

2).  The card is shipped to use "pro level" (+4dBu) output and input levels.

Fix:  See the CardDeluxe manual for instructions on setting the card for -10dBu operation.

3).  There are no Windows mixers at all for this card..

Fix:  None needed.   Just continue through that part of the calibration process.  When the level bar for the playback level is shown, it may appear to be at overload (full "blue bar" with a "red dot" showing), but that is ok.  Just proceed to the next step.

Mixer settings: 

This device has no Windows mixers, so those parts of the calibration process can be neglected (just proceed to the next step after the "blue bar" appears).