Soundcard Calibration Case History:

M-Audio (Midiman) Delta 410 

In Windows2000 and WindowsXP

Driver version
Panel version 1.02.08

WAVE_EXT setting?  Yes (needed for 24 bit operation).

This is a 24/96 card with 2 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs.  An earlier calibration done on the same machine with an M-Audio "Audiophile 2496" (very similar hardware, but fewer playback channels) was very similar to this process.


Selected device was "M-Audio Delta 410 1/2"  (which uses channels 1 and 2 for outputs).

Device has a custom mixer ("Delta Control Panel") in addition to the Windows mixer.  In the "Monitor Mixer" tab of the Delta Control Panel, check ALL "mute" checkboxes (9 check boxes).
In the "Patchbay/Router" tab, under "H/W Out 1/2", select "WavOut 1/2".

Lowest distortion residuals and very good dynamic range occur with the "-10dBV" output signal levels set in the "Hardware Settings" tab (see button below, at lower right).  Settings show are those that gave best (smoothest) results at 48kHz/16 bit operation with the 366MHz Celeron under Windows2000.  They also worked very well to 96kHz/24bit with the 1.7GHz Celeron and WindowsXP.

With the 366MHz machine, we could not achieve undistorted 24bit operation unless the "Rate Locked" button was Checked, and "96kHz" was selected as the Codec Sample Rate - but the card then seemed to be dropping samples in either 24bit mode or at sample rates above 48kHz, as evident by periodic breakup during spectral analysis of a steady tone.  These issues are probably due to using a computer that has much less than the recommended clock speed for this card (testing was with a 366MHz Celeron machine).  With this slow machine, the settings below were the best compromise (at 48kHz, and not using 24bit).  

With the 1.7GHz machine, however, operation at all rates and resolutions was very smooth and well behaved.

Noticeably clean, low noise, low distortion spectrums result using this card, particularly with a fast processor.  Apparently the Delta cards make higher demands on the processor when compared to other 24/96 cards such as Lynx22 or CardDeluxe.  This is quite a nice card, particularly at the price (around $200 on the net).


Device has no Record Mixer, but not adjustment is needed (levels come out correctly).

See comments above about Delta Control Panel settings and processor speed limitations.  

         Calibration went smoothly, using the shown settings.  Impressive card.

Mixer settings:

Record Mixer:

(none available)

Playback Mixer :