Soundcard Calibration Case History:

Soundblaster Extigy, external USB based card

In Windows2000, ME, and XP:

Drivers:  File version is, date 12/20/2001

WAVE_EXT setting?  No.


1).  During the calibration process, only 16bit and 48kHz operation was enabled, to avoid possible confusion from other settings of Extigy controls.  Note that this is really only a 16bit card with maximum rate of 48kHz, despite attempts to make it appear otherwise in sales literature!

2)  Contrary to what has been written previously on our pages, the installation of the Extigy soundcard should be completed, and the latest version installed from the Creative Labs website.  The "Creative Mixer" is needed, along with the Extigy drivers.

3)  Connect the AudPod's "From Soundcard Line Output" jack to the Extigy's front panel "Headphones" jack.  Connect the AudPod's "To Soundcard Line In" jack to the Extigy's front panel "Line In" jack.

4)  Set the headphone level know to maximum during calibration and use.  The knob has no mechanical stop, so just rotate it clockwise about 5 turns before starting.


1).  By default, the "CMSS" button (on the Extigy case's front panel) starts up enabled, with its indicator lit.  This gimmick needs to be off for Praxis or any other serious use. Fix: press the button and the light goes out.

2).  In Windows XP and possibly in other systems, you may need to use the "Creative Audio Mixer" program (use the Windows "Start" button, select "Programs", and look for the Creative Audio Mixer from the "Creative" group of programs that are installed with the Extigy).  Use the Creative Mixer to set it for "2 speakers" output, and using the "recording Mixer" setting at bottom, select "Line In" as the recording source.   

2).  Some computers won't boot up with the Extigy attached.  Just attach the Extigy after the computer has booted and started.  Wait until your operating system is completely initialized, sometimes attaching while the system is still loading files and orienting itself can crash the machine.

Mixer settings:  controls not shown should be muted and/or set to minimum settings for playback, or be unselected and at minimum for record).  The mixer settings look similar for ME, 2K and XP.

Record Mixer:

Playback Mixer :