Soundcard Calibration Case History:

Soundblaster Live ("Value")

In Windows2000

Drivers:  Microsoft 5.0.2184.1  11/18/99

WAVE_EXT setting?  No.


1).  The soundcard is configured for 2 channel operation.


1)   The soundcard's playback tone controls, accessible via the "Advanced" button under the "Play Control" slider in the Play Mixer, are horribly unbalanced.  The actual "flat" setting is not in the middle, but is way to the left, as shown in the picture near the bottom of this page.  It almost seems as if Creative Labs was trying to get us to boost the bass and treble to give the card a phony "HiFi" sound.    {If you want to get an easy view of the flatness of these settings, you can use Praxis to show you a time domain plot of a Chirp at from the output-- the Chirp's overall shape -- its "envelope" should be flat over a 20 to 20kHz range} like this:

Not like this (with the controls in the center):

Other than that, calibration was straightforward and easy and the card works pretty well.

Note: with more expensive versions of the same hardware card, you may need other settings to avoid CMSS,  or 3D ambient sound effects.  Check under the "Creative" programs group for any other control or mixers that may effect the audio of the card.

Mixer settings:  controls not shown should be muted and/or set to minimum settings for playback, or be unselected and at minimum for record). 

Record Mixer:

Playback Mixer :

From the "Advanced" tab of the "Play Control"
(in this installation, the tone controls needed to be set as shown to get a flat response!)