Soundcard Calibration Case History:

Soundblaster (Ensoniq) PCI

In Windows2000

WAVE_EXT setting?  No.

This is an inexpensive "Ensoniq PCI" card, sold by Creative Labs several years ago.  The drivers (and mixer) show the words "Creative Soundblaster PCI".  It was tested in an AMD-750 based board with Athlon 550 processor.


Nothing special.



Calibration was straightforward and easy and the device works quite well.  SB128 (and the similar Ensoniq PCI) cards are very reasonably priced and work well.  These cards are well suited for most non-portable  lab-based measurement setups when 24bit or higher sample rate operation is not needed.

Mixer settings: any controls not shown here should be muted and/or set to minimum settings for playback, or be unselected and at minimum for record). 

Record Mixer:

Playback Mixer :