Soundcard Calibration Case History:

Soundblaster PCI 128

In WindowsXP

Drivers:,   12/5/2001, file version 5.01.07

WAVE_EXT setting?  No.

The hardware tested was built-on to a Gigabit GA-8IEX motherboard.  Similar hardware has been successfully and simply installed in Windows98 and Windows2000.


1).  The soundcard was configured for 2 channel operation.


CAUTION: Some boards of this model name, but using the "Vibra" chipset, would not calibrate for at least one customer.  For this reason, we can no longer recommend this card for PRAXIS use, unless you can be sure the older chipset  is being used!

1) The computer system using this card had the soundcard inputs and output routed to connectors on the front panel of the case.  But the "input" connections was a microphone connection, not a line input connection.  After finding this, we tried connecting these jacks to the "line in" jacks, but that still resulted in a failed calibration -- because the cable that connects the front panel was a mono patch connector.  Fix:  Connect the cables to the AudPod directly to the "Line In" and "Line Out" soundcard connectors at the back of the computer case.

Calibration was straightforward and easy and the device works quite well.  SB128 (and the similar Ensoniq PCI) cards are also available for installation in PCI sockets, and are very reasonably priced.  These cards are well suited for most lab-based measurement setups when 24bit or higher sample rate operation is not needed.

Mixer settings: any controls not shown should be muted and/or set to minimum settings for playback, or be unselected and at minimum for record). 

Record Mixer:

Playback Mixer :