Soundcard Calibration Case History:

EGOSYS (ESI) U2A or U24, external USB based card

(or the newer ESI U24.  However, we do not recommend using U24's 24bit mode, due to reported problems with dropped samples and other possible indications of bandwidth issues)

In Windows2000, ME, and XP:


WAVE_EXT setting?  No.


1).  During the calibration process, only 16bit and 48kHz operation was enabled. 

2)  The U2A control panel was NOT LOADED for these calibrations.  In general, this control panel should be avoided for Praxis use, if possible (as it can cause gain effects which can not be managed by Praxis).  If the panel is already open, close it, and then unplug and replug the U2A device.

3)  The level should be set to maximum during calibration.  The blue level bar indicator will show a signal, but it will not reach near the top of the indicator (this is ok).


This device is easy to calibrate and gives very good performance.

1).  The sound device uses  4  1/4" phone plugs, one for each of its analog record and play channels.  But the AudPod connects via 2 stereo mini-phone jacks.

Fix: a custom cable adaptor must be configured. Use a stereo mini-phone plug cable to connect to each of the AudPod's "To Sound Line In" and "From Sound Line Out" connectors.  Split the two channels from each of those two cables to connect to two mono 1/4" phone plugs:  attach the shield ground connection to the "sleeve" connection of both 1/4" plugs, and the "hot" connection from each channel to a "tip" connection of the corresponding 1/4" plug. 

Mixer settings:  controls not shown should be muted and/or set to minimum settings for playback, or be unselected and at minimum for record).  The mixer settings look similar for ME, 2K and XP.

Record Mixer:

Playback Mixer :