(but sorry, we cannot provide technical assistance for users of PRAXIS in the Free/Demo versions)

If you are seeking technical assistance with PRAXIS/AudPod and your computer, having the following information ready may save time for everyone involved:

In all cases, please provide:

! You can find all the above from the "Help, About" menu of Praxis' Main Form !

If PRAXIS seems unable to work with your soundcard or to complete a soundcard calibration process, these will also help :

You can usually obtain the above  information by right-clicking on your "My Computer" icon and then selecting "properties", and then the "General" tab. !

If you are experiencing soundcard calibration failures (in the PRAXIS Calibration Wizard) please see the following:

Please recognize that compatibility issues, beyond our control, can occur between computer motherboards, device drivers, USB ports, and soundcards and other peripherals.  While we try to test PRAXIS with various operating systems and  recommended soundcards under many configurations, we still cannot begin to cover even a small fraction of all the possible combinations and thus cannot guarantee that all combinations will be usable.