Some LAUD users have experienced difficulties in getting their microphones to work with the FIJI or PINNACLE cards.  Typically, the problems have been caused by one of three things:

1) Incorrect jumper settings on the FIJI or PINNACLE cards.  The Girardin mics and capsules sold by Liberty Instruments are condenser type microphones and require a bias voltage to operate.  To provide this bias voltage, make sure that jumper settings on JP2 are configured for "Condenser Mic, Stereo" as shown in your card's manual.   This configuration is as shown below:

jp2.bmp (10698 bytes)

2) Incorrect software configuration in LAUD.  You can check this by using the following  menu commands from the MLS instrument:: [* System Inputs Mic_in].  The beginning of the menu line shown at this point should state "(mic_in=mic)". If it states "(mic_in=line)", then the system is not properly configured for direct (or "directprobe") use with the microphone.   Use the "LAUD System Setup and Mic Correction Data Install" EASY SCRIPT toconfigure the system, as described in your LAUD manual. 

3) Incorrect cable connections between the microphone and the soundcard's mic input jack.  Be sure that the cable is plugged into the mic jack on the card and  that it is inserted fully into the jack.  On the other end of the cable, make sure that the microphone is connected to the LEFT channel (usually white, but some cables have the colors swapped) connector.  The left channel has its "hot" connection at the mini-phone jack "tip".  Be sure the cables and any extensions are in good condition and fully connected as needed.

To see whether you mic is working, the simplest way is to go to the MLS instrument in LAUD. Turn any  power amplifiers connected to your system "Off" or turn the volume control down.   Press the [F4] key until the INPUT button (at the top of computer screen) reads "MIC/H" or "MIC/L".   Then use the menu commands [*Acquir Look] to start a repeated acquisition.  If you talk or whistle near the microphone, you should be able to see your voice pattern on the top display of the screen.  You can leave this operation running continuously while you adjust connectors or change connections while troubleshooting your microphone attachment.

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