Maya 5.1 USB (or MAYA EX) Setup for PRAXIS

(figures shown are from Windows XP Pro)

This device works very smoothly with PRAXIS and has stable timing similar to that of the Waveterminal U24.  Inexpensive and highly recommended over most USB soundcards that we have tested.  

Bug note:  there have been reports of the "Line" input to the "Speaker" (or Play) mixer in Windows becoming unmuted when PRAXIS reloads the soundcard mixer settings.  If measurement problems are encountered, please check the Play mixer settings and make sure that the Line input is still muted.  (it is a good idea to also set the Line input level to minimum in the Play mixer).

                    Use the "Analog Out" 1 and 2 jacks as the Soundcard Out connections, and the "Analog In" 1 and 2 jacks as the Soundcard In connections. These connect to the AudPod using two stereo "RCA" to stereo mini-phone plug adaptors.

                     It is not necessary to install the "Maya 5.1 USB Control Panel" application, nor to at all use the CDROM which is supplied with your Maya5.1 USB.  The USB soundcard drivers which are built into Windows are all that are needed -- just plug the Maya 5.1 USB into the USB port and it should install automatically.

                     If, however, you do wish to install the "Maya 5.1 USB Control Panel", please make sure that its settings match the illustrations below and then close the Maya 5.1 USB Control Panel before beginning calibration of PRAXIS .

                     If you should ever change the settings on the "Filter" tab of the Maya 5.1 Control Panel, please make sure that the "Enable Filter" checkbox is unchecked before starting PRAXIS.  

                     Before doing the calibration (Levels Form, "Setup, Do Calibrate" menu) procedure: Make sure that PRAXIS is set for 16 bit operation (in the Levels Form, "Setup, D/A&A/D" menu) and that the "WAVE_EXT" menu option (of the Main Form, "Config, Hardware" Specific menu) is checked.

                     Example final settings for the Windows Mixers of this card are shown below.  You may need to open and browse to the Record (or "Capture") Mixer yourself before beginning the PRAXIS calibration process (use the menu option on the Levels Form), as PRAXIS may not be able to open that mixer in some systems.