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Room Sound Convolution

Script Creation in PRAXIS: an 
  LC Meter

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LC Meter Script Example


PRAXIS v2.52
   This version is a full download (11MB). It can be used in normal or in Free/Demo mode.

Please see "What's New".  

>>>A Previous version: Praxis 2.39

Getting Started With PRAXIS (pdf format) File size 471k.
Last Update May 2005. Download .

Script Creation in PRAXIS: An LC Meter  
   (revised 6 August 2004).
An article detail
ing the creation process of a simple Inductance/Capacitance meter script (program) for use in PRAXIS.   Perfect for a quick start in Praxis script development.  Some previous programming experience recommended.  Usable either in Free Mode or with the AudPod.  

Script Creation article in pdf format

Code files for the LC Meter example (See under Zipped Scripts)

Room Sound Convolution 

(draft version) (pdf format) File size 85k
Last Update September 10 2004 
Download pdf article 

Data files (wav and px2)  to use Room Sound Convolution process
Download File set (11.5MB)

Note that if you are only using PRAXIS for postprocessing of data files (and not for acquiring signals) you do not need to do the "Getting Started With PRAXIS" process -- just install it and go.

Zipped Scripts

These scripts are  in Praxis 2's very compact ".zis" format, but are further "zipped" so your browser will save them properly.  Download the desired file, and then unzip it to a temporary directory.  You can then install these scripts from within Praxis2, using the main form's "Scripts" menu.

If you have any scripts you'd like to share, zip them up and send them to us.

Web Browsers embedded in a script.  Simple example of a way to web enable your PRAXIS scripts.:

Web Browser Scripts

The LC Meter script example:

LC Meter script

AudioPass (PraxisQC for Loudspeakers), latest release version: 1.41  5/27/07 download
(fixed so that barcode scanner activation works)

AudioPass is a production QC package and high level script, and requires separate licensing and hardware dongle.  Contact Liberty Instruments for purchasing, more information, or AudioPass technical support.

Getting Started With AudioPass download (pdf)

Z-Box Setup Instructions download (pdf)