upgrading to LAUD v3.0:

Upgrades from previous versions of LAUD to LAUD version 3 cost the price difference between the versions.

That is, with a registered copy of LAUD version 1.xx, you can upgrade to LAUD v3 for $120; from version 2.xx costs $20. Postage and handling is extra ($5 in USA, $17 outside USA -- shipping is via AIR POST). Upgrade costs given are for direct from Liberty Instruments only -- dealer prices may vary! Registration of the previously purchased Laud copy (or return of the original distribution disk, or a copy of the purchase receipt) is required.

PLEASE NOTE that the $20 v2-->v3 pricing covers only our costs of handling and duplicating the manual, and is intended as a minimal service-cost/low expense way for us to keep v2 users up to date.  This is intended as a "break-even" process for us, but this is not possible if the upgrade involves numerous correspondences and long-distance faxes!  The $20 upgrade price is for simple upgrade orders only -- we can NOT provide "Pro Forma Invoices", quotes, and shipping confirmation faxes when providing upgrades for only $20!  If you require a quote, ProForma Invoice and a shipping confimation, an additional charge of $35 must be charged for the upgrade.

Upgrade materials include the upgrade installation disk and hardcopy manual, with index and glossary.

Liberty Instruments, Inc.
6572 Gretel
Liberty Township, OH 45044
ph/fax: (513) 755-0252

to order by credit card, please provide:
-- Card Number
-- Cardholder's name (as written on the card)
-- Expiration Date
-- Billing address for the credit card (where the bills for the card are sent)
-- your shipping address; and a phone number....... thanks!


*sorry, we can't process American Express, Discover, or Diners Club cards....only VISA/MC!