Compatibility Issues with PRAXIS


PRAXIS is designed to work with general Windows hardware and drivers and assumes that these will comply with Windows API standards and provide proper data communications.  With the vast number of different devices and the combinations possible with these which are possible, issues are bound to come up in both Windows and in Praxis.  

Please recognize that compatibility issues, beyond our control, can occur between computer motherboards, device drivers, USB ports, and soundcards and other peripherals.  While we try to test PRAXIS with various operating systems and  recommended soundcards under many configurations, we still cannot begin to cover even a small fraction of all the possible combinations and thus cannot guarantee that all combinations will be usable. (No other measurement systems, not even ones using specially designed interface hardware can guarantee this either!)

See also some recently documented Soundcard Calibration Case Histories.

This page is provided as a collection point for known or reported issues, (or related tips) for various soundcards, motherboards, and chipsets.

see VIA's page on the subject

see the German Au-Ja site, for some technical details:

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