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Background:  The majority of support calls we have received from Praxis customers involve problems experienced while trying to pass the Soundcard Calibration Process (for AudPod Mode).  Some of these problems have turned out to be due to software bugs in accessing soundcard mixer settings or with naming conventions used by some soundcards, and we have included fixes for these in recent revisions of Praxis.

But some of the problems have turned out to be related to characteristics of particular soundcards, operating systems, or even soundcard drivers.  So we began an effort to download the latest drivers for various soundcards that are installed and then to perform a calibration processes for each, noting any special requirements or settings needed, and getting pictures of the mixer settings for each.  A number of possible complications were discovered, but the cards tested were able to be calibrated in each case.  

The results of  this effort can be found in the Case Histories links below.

Please note that this list is not complete -- it does NOT cover every soundcard (or even most of them)  that we have used with PRAXIS -- only those used during these tests.  

General Notes:  

Operating systems:  We were unable to run these tests using Windows98SE because of machine hardware damage and USB port issues (not caused by Praxis or AudPod, but preventing operation).  However, the processes for calibration with Windows ME should be similar to those for 98SE.

Drivers:  Before each test, the latest drivers were downloaded from the manufacturers, if possible, and installed on the machines.  

Please note that if the drivers for your soundcard or of the Windows mixer application are updated at any time, you may need to rerun the calibration for your soundcard!  This could happen because of possible differences in the mixer data structures for the drivers.  Windows Update, if automatically enabled, could change your soundcard drivers without you noticing!

See Also: Compatibility Issues with PRAXIS

List of Issues Uncovered during these tests:  The following is a listing of some problems that could prevent calibration from succeeding.   If you are having problems calibrating a soundcard not specifically listed in these tests, you may want to check the case histories listed for suggestions.

Soundcard Calibration Case Histories:

Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe 24/96 soundcard.  In Windows 2000.

EGOSYS (ESI) U2A (or U24) , external USB based card..  In Windows 2000, ME and XP.

Lynx Systems L22, 24/192 soundcard.  In Windows 2000 and XP.

M-Audio (Midiman) Delta 410 or Audiophile 2496In Windows 2000 and WindowsXP.

Maya 5.1 (or Maya EX) USB Soundcard.  In Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

M-Audio Transit USB  in Windows 2000.

Soundblaster Extigy, external USB based card..  In Windows 2000, ME and XP.

Soundblaster Live ("Value"),    In Windows 2000. (this has also been previously tested in 98SE with similar settings).

Soundblaster PCI 128,  (on-board chip on Gigabyte GA-8IEX motherboard).  In Windows XP.

Soundblaster (Ensoniq) PCI,   In Windows 2000.  Tested in an Athlon 550 Machine 

Waveterminal 192X  in Windows XP. 

How to investigate your soundcard's mixer settings.  Check here for some tests to run when it just doesn't seem to work.  Note: a script is also provided in Praxis to help in investigating difficult soundcards (use the "RunScripts" menu of the main Praxis form).

General Information About Windows Mixers

Later versions of PRAXIS provide a menu in the "Levels Form"  for opening the Windows mixer.

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