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Liberty -praxis-

Measurement system for audio electronics, loudspeakers, transducers, and acoustics.  Easily portable between Windows-based computers for field, laboratory, and office use.

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LspCAD Std

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a powerful yet economical Windows-based loudspeaker box, crossover and room placement design/modeling package from Sweden. LspCAD can utilize measured data from LAUD as it simulates the effects of crossover circuitry and placement in the listening room.

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LSPCAD USERS TAKE NOTE!: You can update to the latest version by going to Ingemar Johansson's web site.

Also Available: LspCAD Pro -- more features, with ability to actually audition your crossover using your PC soundcard before building!  See Ordering for a limited time deal if you buy LspCAD Pro with Praxis.

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